Start Automating With Weave

Whether you're exploring automation or seeking to automate your business, we have a plan for you.

500 Basic Credits0 Bonus Credits
Tier 1
1,000 Basic Credits0 Bonus Credits
Most popular
30% bonus credit
Tier 2
2,000 Basic Credits600 Bonus Credits
35% bonus credit
Tier 3
3,000 Basic Credits1,050 Bonus Credits
All tiers include:
  • doneVisual workflow and prompt builders
  • doneCustomizable LLM parameters
  • doneAPI-ready integration

Want Something Tailored?

EnterpriseCustomPersonalized pricing
  • doneCustom workflows
  • doneDedicated support line
  • doneScaled discounts
  • doneCustom run amounts

Estimated Runs per Tier

Assuming each workflow costs 2,000 tokens, the estimated number of runs for each package can be seen below.Compare models >
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Credits on Weave are a form of virtual currency used to pay for AI model runs on Weave. They are valued at USD 0.01 per credit. Users can estimate how many credits they may need by referring to the table above and top up their balance at any time.

Have other questions? Check out our Gitbook for more detailed information about our pricing structure. If you need to contact us, feel free to click the button below!